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InfoX Global is a leading provider of pioneering technology-based Business solutions in Sri Lanka and the Middle Eastern Region, with many healthy customer relationships including some of the most diversified corporates; InfoX constantly aims at providing their clientele with a service unparalleled in the industry.
We aim to provide all of our clients with the tools and support to undergo radical digital transformation. By delivering the right technological solutions to a high standard, we strive to enable our customers to leverage opportunities provide through digitization.

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InfoX is a consulting firm specializing in providing Simple Solutions for Complex Connections for small & mid-sized companies across industries. Independent of affiliation, InfoX helps a firms optimize the human capital to achieve organizations objectives.

ERP Implementation

Introducing new solutions within an organization can be a challenge. Our aim is to simplify this process. Our implementation/ integration experts can support you with their technical know-how and/or by building integration systems

Legacy System Re-engineering

Legacy code can be either badly structured from the very beginning or become so after multiple changes introduced in the course of a long application life cycle.

Managed IT Services

For about 7 years we offer managed services on a remote/onsite basis to take care of our customers' IT infrastructure

InfoX HRM Product

In today's corporate world, human resources have come to play a very critical role in a business. InfoX HRM provides companies with a high-tech online service center to manage many of their human resource tasks

Software Product Co-Development

Over a decade of experience has enabled us to fine-tune our approach to suite the Sri Lankan way of Doing Business

Help and Support

Post implementation maintenance and on-going support is essential to keep solutions running smoothly. InfoX support teams are ready to support

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InfoX is a consulting firm specializing in providing Simple Solutions for Complex Connections for small & mid-sized companies across industries. Independent of affiliation, InfoX helps a firms optimize the human capital to achieve organizations objectives.


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Microsoft Dynamics Sale - CRM

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Microsoft Power BI
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InfoX (HRM) System

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Our Project Management Methodology

We’ve adopted the best parts of Microsoft’s proven Sure Step methodology and integrated our own commitment to agile project management philosophies. Our approach iterates around the “solution modeling” project phase to ensure that every business process we impact is in line with your expectations.

A Dedicated Project Management Office

At any given time, InfoX has between 10 and 20 active projects. Our dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) ensures your ERP and CRM projects are executed within your budget and timeframe. Our PMO Members are certified professionals with years of experience as project managers, consultants, support technicians, and end-users in a wide variety of implementation situations.

Change Requests & Contingency Planning

Your business requirements and desired functionality may evolve as the project progresses. Our methodology is prepared to address these contingencies. We mitigate the risk of change via a careful initial analysis and by implementing your solution in functionality cycles – budgeting the time for validation, feedback, and adjustment to keep your project on track. Should the need for a major change arise, InfoX calls for a re-alignment meeting and brings additional analysis into project cycles.

Pre-Defined Project Governance Roles

InfoX considers the reporting relationships, project roles, and individual responsibilities that are necessary for project success. Our project governance framework consists of executive sponsors from both teams; joint steering committees; your internal system champions and subject matter experts; and InfoX’s Solution Architects, Business Analysts, and Technical Developers.

Balanced Business, Industry, Product, and Technical Expertise

When we assign resources to your project, we match you with the analyst(s) on our team best suited to your industry, use case, implementation complexity, and communication preferences. Their knowledge is augmented by technical and functional experts when necessary.

Strategic & Detailed Project Estimation

Prior to kick-off, we sit down with your stakeholders to speak candidly about your business processes. This allows us to build the best roadmap to execute your vision. InfoX takes a methodical approach to discovering the project’s scope of work, relying on our training and our learnings from more than 1100 other projects. We’ll establish the project’s metrics, challenges, success criteria, and define areas for process improvements.

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